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Vysions Youth Service

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VYSIONS Youth Service is an organisation created and designed by children and young people. Providing a variety of programs and projects in a fun and empowering way for young people to build on their social abilities, life skills and enhance their future paths.

A picture speaks a thousand words take a look at what may appeal to you...

Vysions holiday clubs - Adventures, day trips, crafting, art, culture, camps, sleepovers, cooking, friendships and lots and lots of fun!!

Vysions Fishing is for 8 -19 year old's. Children and young people can learn how to tackle up,  learn about water safety and looking after the different types of fish. 

what else does the Vysions Youth Group become involved with? 

  • Weekly sessions                                                        

  • Supporting Community events                           To find out more, take a look...

  • Forest Vysion sessions                                             

  • CV building workshops

  • Tutoring sessions

  • Health and wellbeing activities


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