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Resident Support and Advice

We can all face problems that seem complicated or intimidating. At Brereton Million Resident Support and Advice we believe no one should have to face these problems without good quality, independent advice. We aim to give people the knowledge and the confidence they need to find their way forward.


MONDAY MORNING DROP IN: 10am – 12pm, Brereton Community Hub

Our advisors are



•Kept UpToDate with changes to any support protocols related to a wide range of problems residents may experience.

Our advisors can:

•Help a client with debts

•Explore what benefits a client is entitled to and helping them to complete a benefit application form.

•Help a client who has problems with their landlord to understand their housing rights.

Our advisors

•Have the best interests of our clients.

•Ensure all clients have trust and confidence in Brereton Million Resident Advice and Support and that their dignity is respected.

•Ensure personal information is treated as confidential.


Do you want to get involved?

We're always looking for new volunteers to help us make a difference in Brereton. Whether it's suggestions, helping at  events or joining the partnership, any help is appreciated and welcomed!

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