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Brereton Community Shop

The Brereton Community Shop will be located at Brereton Community Hub every Tuesday 10am -12pm and Thursday 4pm – 6.30 pm. It will be open to everyone from Cannock District and surrounding villages.  

1, The community shop will be providing a range of ambient, fresh, frozen, and household stock at a substantially reduced cost.

· 4, You spend £5 per bag and can choose from a variety of foods, households, and toiletries to purchase adhering to the Community Shop rules.


2, You pay an annual membership fee of £2 and receive a membership card.

3, You can visit the shop once per week.

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  1. All members must have their membership card with them to shop. (Please do not be offended if we do not allow you to shop due to non-presentation of your membership card). Lost cards will cost 50p for replacement. Please report in store.

  2. Membership entitles one shop per week.

  3. Staff, volunteers, and trustees wishing to hold membership for the community shop must access this service on days they are not volunteering.

  4. Blue badge holders only have access to the car park.

  5. ·You may NOT shop for others, even if you have their card with you.

  6. Members are entitled to full carrier bags of shopping priced at £5 per bag (Subject to availability and family size)

  7. Baby items are only available if there are ‘under 3s’ in your household.

  8. Members are solely responsible for checking all food before cooking/eating. Some foods in the store may have a ‘short date’ or have dented/damaged packaging.

  9. Members must be over 18 years of age to shop.

  10. Transactions will only be taken in CASH.

  11. Products bought in the community shop are NOT to be resold, if we find any person doing          so their membership will be revoked.

  12. Staff decisions are final, abuse will NOT be tolerated. If any other members, volunteers,            or staff feel threatened we have the right to revoke your membership.

  13. Membership is £2 per year and will be payable from the 1st of March annually. All memberships regardless of joining date will require renewal in March. Lost cards will cost   50p for replacement.

What are the benefits of having a community shop in Brereton?

The Brereton Community Shop held its grand opening in March 2023. The shop is ran by an amazing team of volunteers. They have dedicated over 1166 hours of their time to this project *

The initiative to set up the community shop came amidst the Cost of Living crisis. With everything from fuel, utility and food costs drastically on the rise Brereton Big Local wanted to have something in place to support the community in lightening the  financial burden.  We spent time researching the project, visited other community shops in other local areas and began to understand not only the need for a reduction on food and household costs but the difference we could make to our environment. We would also be reducing the amount of waste food and products ending up in landfill sites. subsequently, having a positive effect on the environment.

Did you know?

“In the UK, food waste accounts for 6-7% of total greenhouse gas emissions”

So far we have redistributed over 10,000 kg of food/household products that would have otherwise contributed to the ever increasing landfill problems*  

data correct as of 31st August 2023

Building Partnerships 

How did we make this happen?

Thank you to the partnerships we have built who we work alongside and support the Community Shop venture. 








‘Community Fridge’ for  supporting financially with the set up of

 Brereton Community Shop 







'Fareshare Midlands' -"We take good quality, in-date surplus food...

The vast majority of food waste occurs in the supply chain before it even reaches the supermarket. Working with the FareShare network we save good quality surplus food from food retailers at both a regional and national level. In the Midlands this is over 5,670 tones per year and growing!"



"In It Together is an initiative with HIS Church, an emergency goods redistribution charity, focused on providing food and supplies to those who need it most." 


Amazon BHX1 have provided financial support, resources,  food and household products to assist the set up of the Community Shop.


Thank you also to:

Coop, Brereton 

Inkind Direct

Morrisons, Rugeley

Help a Squaddie

Heath Hayes Community Food


amazon picture.jfif

Do you want to get involved?

We're always looking for new volunteers to help us make a difference in Brereton. Whether it's suggestions, helping at  events or joining the partnership, any help is appreciated and welcomed!

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