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Nifty Numbers 


The Nifty Number's course Budget course is designed to help you better understand budgeting, money and ways to save

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Would you like help help budgeting in the current financial climate? 

Is managing your budget proving a challenge with the cost of living?

Finding it difficult to make sense of your personal finances? 


How can Nifty Numbers help you...

Advice on manging your money - help to successfully budget 

Advice on shopping on a budget - how to shop smart, benefits of meal planning and value for money

Advice on cooking on a budget - understand how to cook on a budget, be able to scale a recipe up to be able to batch cook and advice on reading and understanding data on a recipe.

Advice on 'making it through the month' - understand the difference between priority and non-priority bills. Gain an increased awareness of how to save money throughout the month.  

Advice on Banking' - help to feel confident to deal with all aspects of banking including internet banking. 

Advice on staying safe online - be able to identify a scam and the best way to deal with or respond

To find out more contact Emily on: 07719 072485 or email on

Do you want to get involved?

We're always looking for new volunteers to help us make a difference in Brereton. Whether it's suggestions, helping at  events or joining the partnership, any help is appreciated and welcomed!

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