We want to help increase the skills in Brereton to help residents get opportunities they wouldn't normally get.


From learning a new language, support for younger people, to getting first aid qualifications, there are many opportunities for each and every person in Brereton. 

If you want to learn a new skill or have an idea, please let us know and we can
see how we can make it happen.

Where the local defibrillators are:

Brereton Co-op,
Redbrook Lane
Brereton Community Hub, Armitage Lane
The Levels,
Industrial Estate
Brereton Library,
Talbot Road


Help us make a lasting difference in Brereton today

Apply to be a Covid-19 Volunteer

Brereton Million

To find out more or to volunteer, contact us below!


Phone: 07376 093 726

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